Emergency declared in Sri Lanka : will be implemented from midnight – Report

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has declared a state of emergency for the second time in five weeks, giving security forces broad powers to deal with anti-government protests, which will come into effect from midnight. As per the NDTV report, A spokesperson for the President said, he called for stricter laws to ensure public order after trade unions went on a nationwide strike on Friday demanding his resignation over the worsening economic crisis.


Prices of Essential Items going up

According to the report, the prices of essential commodities like rice, milk, and oil have skyrocketed. Further, there is an acute shortage of food items and medicines in the country. On the other hand, the country does not have the money to buy even petrol. The foreign exchange reserve of the government has become empty. Life and death have come to the fore for the 220 million people of Sri Lanka. All of these led to massive nationwide protests which in turn have created political instability.

Reason behind Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

The main reason for this economic slowdown in the country is the lack of foreign reserves, due to which there has been a huge reduction in the import of essential commodities like petroleum, food, paper, sugar, pulses, medicines, and transport equipment. Further, instead of reducing the economic crisis in Sri Lanka over the last month, it is increasing continuously. 

Protests Everywhere

All this chaos took people to the streets against the government. People are demanding resignation accusing the government of failing to deal with the economic crisis. Earlier on Friday morning, police fired tear gas shells and water cannons at students trying to enter the Parliament of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is going through its worst phase since independence in 1948. Thousands of students have gathered on the road leading to Parliament.


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